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Fun in Malang, East Java

Due to high demand for itinerary trip to Malang, East Java, I would like to share my travel experience here in my blog.

May 2015 was a very splendid journey to one of the most happening city in Indonesia, Malang. Plus, I went there with my best pals Mira the Mamak, Indra the Babe, Aldre the Bebeb, Dita the Madeh, and Fika the Wodang :-). Our 4 days travelling were very fun and we were really proud of the tourism spot that our country has. In this writing, I will share where we went including the hunt for culinary, Yum!

Day 1, Arrive in Malang

Arriving at Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport nearly at lunch time, we went straight to our hotel Aria Gajayana for check in. This hotel location is quite strategic, it closes to some of the culinary spots and also it is attached to a big shopping mall. We then went out to had lunch. The 1st food destination in our list is Bakso Presiden, a very well known Bakso restaurant in Malang located near the railway station. All of us loves Bakso, especially Dita so we were excited to try this Malang famous food!

Bakso Presiden Review
Well, because of its well known name, we might have set quite too high expectation on this one. First of all, the queue to get this bakso is ridiculous! We were standing in the line for almost an hour just to get a bowl of Bakso :-(. By the time we were able to order, we tried almost every kind of Bakso sold there. I tried Bakso Besar, Bakso Kecil, Bakso Urat, Bakso Goreng, Siomay Basah, and Goreng Panjang. Overall rating, I would give 6,5 out of 10. It tastes okay, but for me it is not memorable. I would say that Bakso Goreng is the best among the others.

finish with our meals, now it is time to explore the city! We headed to Kota Batu, a city located approximately an hour from Malang. This city is actually the center of the attractions, so we spend almost our time in this city.

Museum Angkut
Okay, this museum is cool! From the outside this museum does not look that spacious, but it turn out that the area of the museum is really wide. It is not only museum but also it has a movie star shooting location theme. Just as its name, Museum Angkut has a numerous collection of means of transportation. In the first exhibition room from the main entrance, we could explore all kind of four wheeled transportation, from the first classic car to the most recent car, and soooo many moreee. Motorcycle, train, airplane, you named it, they are all stored in this museum. Also, I love the way they display the collections, and how they decorate the museum, etc., which I can say it is an international standard tourist spot. If you are automotive enthusiast, you could spend hours to explore this museum.

these are few photos taken inside the museum
angkut.jpgbecak.jpg vespa.jpg
There is Floating Market or Pasar Apung in the area of this museum where you can have meals and also ride a boat on the artificial lake. We did not have supper there since we wanted to try Ayam Goreng Pemuda, also Malang signature dish which located very close to our hotel. So after enjoying Museum Angkut, we headed to this restaurant. I did not get a chance to take a pic of the chicken since I was very hungry I can not wait to wait, lol! But I would give this fried chicken rating 8 out of 10. I love the tenderness and the taste of the fried chicken (well, I am a huge fan of chicken). Finish with our meal we went back to our hotel to have an early bed, since in the next morning we need to wake up at 3am for a trip to Mount Bromo.

Day 2, Mount Bromo
Woke up very early, still very sleepy yet excited. The first time I went to Mount Bromo I was only 5 years old. There is not much that I remember, but I remember that I pee on my pants during asleep in a hostel in Bromo hahaha. Because the weather was very cold, I could not stand to went to the bathroom, so the drama happened hihihi. So, if you are the type of person who can not tolerant to cold weather, make sure you are wearing a proper outfit. I would suggest wearing long johns as the first layer, add sweater for the second layer, and warm jacket for the third layer. Not to mention, scarf/ shawl, wool hat to cover your ears, and glove. The intention for going to this mountain is waiting the sunrise and enjoying the view. We need to get at the specified spot just in time where the crowd is still minimal around 4.30 am in the morning, while the sunrise might have just begun around 6 am. So we would have approximately 1,5 hours to wait in the midst of freezing weather.

We headed there by our rental car until we reach a checkpoint where we need to switch car with a jeep. Regular car is not allowed to go through the mountain. We got the yellow colored jeep and headed to the top of the mountains thru the slopey and winding road which gave me a nausea :-( . When we finally reach to the top, the area was very very dark. You must pay attention to the persons you are going with or you might separated. Plus, there is no cell phone signal on the mountain. It was freezing up there, but fortunately there are food stall selling Pop Mie (Instant Noodle) hohohoho.

It is kinda boring waiting in the dark for sunrise. However when the time comes, it was really worth waiting for. Alhamdulillah, the sky was clear, so we can see the beautiful sunrise!

For some quite time we stayed there to admire the beautiful view of the mountain until the sky is bright with sunshine.

Then we continue our journey exploring Pasir Berbisik or Whispering Sand.

After that we went for the crater. To reach the crater, we rent horses till we reach to staircases to go up. There are 250 staircases to go, thanks God even though I have a serious problem with the height, the staircases was not scary that I was able to climb it smoothly. The view from the top was amazing, it is just the view to the crater that makes me anxious. Apparently many tourists are "smart" enough to throw garbage to the craters. Aqua bottle, chips, etc. :-(

From quite some time, I have forgotten that my country landscape is amusing. The great scenery of the mountains more or less reminded me to mountains in New Zealand (well not the snowy mountain ones), a country which I have been wanting to go since the movie Lord of The Ring. However my trip to Bromo has changed my perspective, that if you would like to go to some other places for scenery, check with your country first :-)

Tiring but very enjoyable, around 9 or 10 we headed back to Malang. We dropped by at the next restaurant listed in our itinerary, Mie Setan for lunch. This restaurant serves spicy noodle ranging its spiciness level. I did not order for the spicy noodle as I am afraid to have a gastro problem while travelling ;-p. But according to Mira and Dita who tried the spicy noodle, it tasted quite good. We went back to hotel and sleep till noon.

When we went for dinner, we chose Soto Ayam Lombok for our meal. This restaurant got few of good ratings on the web so we wanted to check it out. This place was not easy to find but eventually we were managed to get there. Overall rating, 6 out of 10. It is a regular soto ayam with koya, similar like soto lamongan.

Next we went to Wedang Ronde Titoni, a place which Mira & Indra have been craving for. This food stall serves Wedang Ronde, a traditional Javanese drink, containing of what so-called “Ronde” (the small round materials) that are usually filled with crushed peanuts. The dough of Ronde is actually made of glutinous rice flours, while the drink “wedang” itself is made of ginger water which is best served when still hot.

This place ends our adventure of the day, and we went back to hotel.

Day 3
Batu Secret Zoo day! Yeaaay! I am so excited to visit this place as I am an animal lover hohoho

So in this day we headed once more to Kota Batu, visiting Jatim Park. For your information, Kota Batu has two theme parks: Jatim Park 1 & Jatim Park 2. Jatim Park 1 consists of Eco Green Park and Anatomy Museum, while Jatim Park 2 consists of Batu Secret Zoo and Animal Museum. Since we only have 1 day left in Malang, so we decided to explore Jatim Park 2 only.

Please note that the zoo opens at 10am. We have reached the zoo by 9am, and we took a tour around Jatim Park 2. There is a hotel in Jatim Park 2 named Pohon Inn if you would like to stay near the park.

10am and we went in the zoo. Even from the very first part of the zoo, I was admired by this park. The layout of the zoo is attractive and the park is very clean. Not to mention, it has numerous kinds of animals, a LOT I must add. And they are very "alive". I often feel dissapointed when visiting zoo in other places such as Ragunan or Taman Safari where many of the animals hide themselves or just napping.
batu.jpg unta.jpg
lionness.jpg bear.jpg

Have you ever taken photo together with tiger, monkey, or elephant? Normally regular zoo would provide that, but in this zoo you could also take picture with Binturong, a night animal, Gypsi Horses (really beautiful horse I must add), Pony Horses, Angora Bunny, and many more! And with affordable price too, 5.000 rupiahs.

pony.jpg bunny.jpg

my favourite part of this zoo is when we had tour with an open train. In this area, we would be able to feed animals such as camel, llama, and some other herbivora animals. Since we were using an open train so the animals are free to move around our heads which became so hillarious since many people tend to scream loudly when a llama for example pushed herself into the train to find some carrots left ;p
11143355_1..456508880_n.jpg This amusement park is quite hugee, not only animals but also this park has a lot of arcades game, pools which was very attractive for children. If you want to explore the whole zoo, a day is not enough.

We were kinda rush when time reached 3.30pm as we still want to visit Animal Museum which located next to the zoo and the museum will be closed at 5pm Upon arriving at the exit gate, we were served a free Jamu (original Javanese drink), which makes this place becomes more and more amazing.

Animal Museum is amazing too! It feels like you are in the washington national museum :p . It is full with diorama about animals worldwide, and it is very cool. It has various collection of preserved insects and reptiles as well. Too bad that we only had less than an hour to explore this museum. Me and my friend were very content and happy that we make plan to visit this place once again on next December!
90_IMG_0345.jpg butt.jpg
We stayed there until the closing time and we headed back to Malang. We decided to have Mie Kudusan for our dinner. It is a cwie mie kinda noodle and I like it. I would give 7.5 out of 10 for this restaurant.

Next we are planning to visit Toke Oen, a place famous for its old time, Dutch food for eat some ice cream. However when reached there at 8.30pm, they are already sold out. We then made plan to visit this place on the next day before catching up for our flight back to Jakarta.

Day 4

Since me and my friends enjoy culinary so much, and we still have some of culinary destination left on our list, so we decide to make a quick tour to some places before going to the airport hahaha.

After checking out from hotel, we visit Toke Oen first to buy ice cream. We order 2 kind of ice cream for the 6 of us because we dont want to have our stomach full hahahaha. Toko Oen ice cream is an authentic Dutch style ice cream. I would say that it is not special, a rating of 5.5 out ot 10 but Mira loves this ice cream quite much.

We finish the ice cream in a hurry then we moved to restaurant named Bubur Agus which is famous of its Bubur Ayam. Turns out that this restaurant also sells many many of Indonesian traditional snacks, huaaa. It is really too bad that we could not try as much as we can. So we ordered 1 large size chicken porridge for the 6 of us and tried some snacks. I love the porridge, it was really tasty. I would give 8.5 out of 10 for this food.

Finish with Bubur Ayam, we rushed to the airport. I am glad that Malang is building a larger airport as the one that operates now is too small and ordinary. It is time to go home now. It has been a very pleasant journey and we were all very satisfied with our holiday. Thanks a lot for Mamak Mira, Babe Indra, Bebeb Aldre, Mama Dedeh Dita and Wodang Fika for this journeyy!!!! Love u all guys


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